How Profit First Impacted David Dodge’s Favorite Business Model, The BRRRR Method

Acquiring assets with little to no money is a real challenge for first-time investors. 

We've got David Dodge, a full-time investor for eight years, who shares with you the BRRRR method and how to use this strategy to acquire using little to no money and doing it rapidly.

Listen as David shares how Profit First impacted his business and why the BRRRR method is his favorite strategy in acquiring properties.

Key Takeaways:

[00:43] Introducing David Dodge
[02:21] David on What Excites Him the Most about Real Estate
[04:00] Introducing the BRRRR Method
[05:42] How BRRRR Method Works
[14:14] Money Struggles David Experienced in the Past
[19:58] David Shares His Addiction to Investing
[29:00] Keys to Success of David in Real Estate
[34:06] Connect with David Dodge


[16:04] “Anybody that is gonna do due diligence for you is selling you.”
[27:52] “The richest people I know are experts of tax because they know how to avoid it.”
[29:20] “Failing is part of the process. The equation to success is a bunch of failures and a bunch of trying, then you get the success.”

Connect with David:


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