How Profit First Shaped This Father-Daughter CPA Firm with Byron McBroom & Melanie Sikma

On the Profit First for REI podcast, we hear from many investors and other business owners about their first-hand success at applying the Profit First method. While there is no better person to relay its benefits than the entrepreneurs who have used it for their businesses, someone else is just as close to your finances as you are—your accountant. 

Today we’ve got Measured Results CPA joining us for the show, namely its Founder, Byron McBroom, and Business Development Consultant, Melanie Sikma. They have been hard at work helping business owners plan their taxes through Measured Results and manage wealth through Abundant Life, where Melanie serves as the CEO.

Stay tuned as this father-daughter tandem gives us a new perspective on why Profit First is the biggest boon for managing your finances!

Key Takeaways:

[00:36] Introducing Byron and Melanie of Measured Results CPA
[03:54] Why Profit First Appealed to Their Firm
[06:23] Why Business Owners Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck According to CPAs
[09:08] How Profit First Fixes Profit Challenges
[10:50] Measured Results CPA and What They Do
[14:39] Wealth Management at Abundant Life
[18:22] Abundant Life and Savings
[21:32] Measured Results and Its Dedication to Simple Communication
[23:44] Tax Tips From Our Guests
[28:25] Connect With Byron and Melanie


[10:34] “The real beauty of Profit First is it forces [you] to address the problem early. It does not wait till the business is struggling to stay in business.”
[13:18] “My job is to sit and create questions for people to ask, so we get the answers we need to…have them pay as little tax as legally possible, and stay out of trouble.”
[22:05] “We say we don't speak accountant, as we speak English and [put] it in simple terms. That's something that we try we strive for, actually.”

Connect with Melanie:

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