How Profit First upgrades your mindset and increases your income: An Interview with Amy Ransdell

Virtual assistants can help you scale, but the success of your business (or your own personal development) really depends on a couple of things—your mindset and your habits. Our guest for today’s episode can help set you down the right path.

Amy Ransdell is a transformation and peak performance executive coach and an active real estate investor, mentor, and trainer who is based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a licensed broker who has her own brokerage and is the CMO of REVA Global, a provider of pre-trained dedicated virtual assistants.

Tune in to learn more about Amy’s journey, the “Profit First” system, and how you can level up into a powerhouse like her!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[01:30] An overview of who Amy is 

[03:38] How she got into real estate and coaching

[05:38] How she came to be a part of REVA Global

[07:45] Her journey after encountering the “Profit First” system

[10:00] How Amy first learned about money and how that shaped her mindset around it

[13:00] Before doing something, figure out if it has a direct and measurable ROI

[14:25] Why you should track your time

[17:40] Make your business profit first before helping others

[19:45] Amy’s advice for real estate entrepreneurs

[22:25] How to get in touch with Amy and her team


“I love helping other people understand the power of all these things and the freedom of choice that can come from understanding how to run a business…”

“Most of the time… there’s a mindset issue, and 70% of the time of that bucket is money mindset.”

“Money is something that needs to be given freedom to flow in order to create opportunities.”

“Everything we do is not spending money—it’s investing.” 

“What you want is what inspires you, what challenges you, and what serves you.”

“We don’t face the fact that we haven’t changed our habits as to where time has been poured down the drain.”


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