How This Professional Athlete Transitioned To Full-Time Real Estate Investor

We’ve got Terrie Schauer joining us here at the Profit First for REI podcast. She is a champion in every sense of the word, as a single mom, 3-time, title-holding ex-athlete, Ph.D. holder, and real estate investor. 

Her career in real estate began as a property manager before fully transitioning into investments. All the while, she worked as a professional athlete, competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu and even achieving world championship titles. 

In this episode, she shares her real estate journey, and how she applied a lot of what she learned as a professional fighter to her career. Tune in to the discussion!

Key Takeaways:

[00:40] Introducing Terrie Schauer and Her Background
[03:55] On Mindfulness and How to Use It to Succeed
[07:54] On Her Sports Career and How She Found Mindfulness
[16:06] Juggling Her Sports Career, Being a Single Mom, and Her Work in Real Estate
[21:10] Why People Live Deal-to-Deal: Fear and Not Managing It Properly
[24:54] Advice for Real Estate Investors
[27:14] Connect With Terrie and Grab Her Book


[04:37] “Mindfulness is not mindset. It's not positive affirmations. It's not your morning routine. It's not hustling at 5 am…Mindfulness is understanding how the human consciousness works, to be able to get the most out of the tool that is your mind.”
[21:52] “The number one biggest [reason why real estate investors get in their own way] is fear, [and] not managing fear properly.”
[25:27] “If you're not executing on something, or you're performing below the level at which you want to be in business, it's up here, [in your mind]. [Work] on your mind…Mindfulness training has really allowed me to get kind of get the most out of that”

Connect with Terrie:

Mindful Landlord: How to Run Rental Property for Profit and Peace of Mind:
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