How this real estate investor Kaitlyn Phillips ultimately achieved success by applying Profit First

In the world of real estate investing, a background in accounting or finance can be a great asset. Our guest today proves that success in the industry can be achieved even without it. 

Kaitlyn Phillips is an active real estate investor of Property Strides, rehabilitating houses in Utah with her husband. She and her husband have managed to grow their company into a full-time operation over the course of five years. In this episode, Phillips shares the story of their journey, including the challenges they faced, applying Profit First, and how they ultimately achieved success.

Whether you're just starting out in real estate investing as a side hustle or are already well-established, Kaitlyn's story is sure to inspire. Don’t miss this episode!

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Introducing Kaitlyn Phillips and Her Background
[03:16] On Achieving Success That Allowed Her Husband to Retire and Become an Investor Full-Time
[05:36] On Implementing Profit First
[11:03] The Effect of Applying Profit First to Their Business
[15:56] On Applying the Profit First Method
[21:10] What Kaitlyn Would Do Differently if She Started Their Business Again
[23:18] Connect With Kaitlyn


[11:27] “It's been way easier to just be able to…log on to the bank account and be like, ‘Okay…there's enough to do that rehab, and there's enough to pay the taxes. [Profit First] just makes it really clear-cut.
[17:04] “When he dragged me to that seminar, and I listened to them speaking, I was like, ‘this makes so much sense…Why not make your money make money for you?’”
[21:44] “ Start taking action, and don't wait to know everything before you start doing things. Because…we wouldn't even be started yet if I was waiting to know everything.”

Connect with Kaitlyn

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