How Tim Oppelt Has Persevered Through Difficulties In His Real Estate Career

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it’s also very often difficult. Between coming up with capital and being unable to find their footing and a steady income, new investors can experience a feeling of “financial anxiety.”

Our guest today, Tim Oppelt, wasn’t safe from this feeling either. He experienced money problems while in real estate that led him to take another job elsewhere. But with the help of Profit First, he managed to get himself out of his unfortunate circumstances and build his business into the success it is today. 

If you’re experiencing financial anxiety, this is the episode you need to listen to give yourself the hope and motivation to keep pursuing your goals! Catch Tim’s story and insights into the industry in this episode of the Profit First for REI podcast. 

Key Takeaways:

[00:58] Introducing Tim Oppelt and His Background
[03:49] What Got Tim Into Profit First, the Difficulties He Faced, and Taking on Another Job
[10:47] On Continuing His Real Estate Career Despite the Difficulties
[12:13] Implementing Profit First and How It Alleviated His Financial Anxiety
[17:26] On Why Investors Live Deal to Deal and Experience Financial Anxiety
[20:19] Advice for People Who Want to Get Into Real Estate Investing
[24:10] What Should Investors Do With the Uncertain Climate in the Industry
[28:44] Connect With Tim


[12:57] “I created this kind of automated Profit First process, right? I opened up the bank accounts…read the book, and…it just spoke to me.”
[16:35] “Once I decided I was going to follow the book…my financial anxiety started to go down, even though nothing actually changed in my life…I had a plan, and to me, that plan was what gives me gives me hope there.
[28:12] “Any business has ebbs and flows. Some quarters…one could be amazing, but…I'm not stressed about it because I've been implementing Profit First.”

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