How to be Financially Free FAST With Fewer Deals Than You Think featuring Vance Courtney

Vance is the founder of SOS Home Offers. He found his purpose in real estate and has dedicated his knowledge industry to impacting other people and helping them see results and succeed in the real estate world. 

Prior to that, he served in the military. He learned something from his mate, who is always buying a home whenever they move in order to keep it in the hope to have two retirements. That stayed with him even after he got out of the army. So he started buying homes with the intent of holding them. It had always been that way until 2016 when he realized it was a very long-term play. He wanted to get into the game faster and looked for turnkey investment properties, but it didn't work so well for him – he even lost $40,000. Lesson learned.

He then started finding investment properties and created a rental business that earned him a lot of revenue. And this is where, like any other business, some financial management issues arose. But with the help of the Profit First model, he was able to get a deeper understanding and control of the financial side of his business and is now growing more than ever. 

Listen in as we discuss how he effectively applied the method and how the whole concept helped him in directing money in his business.

Key Takeaways

[02:22] Vance’s journey of getting started in real estate

[05:19] The “why’ behind getting into real estate

[07:43] How the finances play in bringing in the top dollars and keeping it too

[09:31] Finding his identity and purpose in the real estate world

[12:10] Understanding the metrics and the KPIs

[14:41] How Vance implemented the Profit First system and its result

[21:07] Vance’s recommendations to investors


“If I'm doing the same thing over three times, I'm going to automate it.”

“I believe firmly that your wealth isn't created in real estate. I really don't believe that. I believe it's preserved through real estate and wealth is created through businesses.”

“Making money is actually not the hard part. The hardest part I'm having is finding my identity, my purpose.”

“I believe that when you're in a servant mindset, the money will follow. So I don't stress or worry about the money and let's just serve the people.”


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