How to Get Sellers Motivated to Sell With Master Hypnotist Paul Ross

There are some aspects to consider when it comes to finding success in real estate investing—how well you negotiate deals being one of them. Luckily, our guest for today’s episode is a master at subconscious communication.

Paul Ross is an author, speaker, trainer, master hypnotist, and master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. Even though his experiences lie mostly outside of real estate, his knowledge and expertise is sure to benefit those who are in the space.

Have a pen and paper ready because Paul will drop a lot of gold nuggets on dealing with prospects, reprogramming your personal beliefs, and making exponential improvements!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[01:20] An overview of Paul’s mission

[03:12] What state of mind do you want the seller to be in so that they are receptive to what you have to say?

[04:38] Have your financials lined up

[06:32] How to create rapport over the phone

[09:28] Have a different way of looking at the game

[12:05] On building rapport with your subconscious

[14:33] How to make affirmations work for you

[17:13] Paul’s advice for real estate investors


“It’s the soft skills that really really make the difference between doing okay and skyrocketing.”

“The ultimate state of mind is to be outcome-independent and uninvested.”

“For every exploration, there must be a leader; and for every leader, there must be a follower.”

“If you want to get a result that is much better than what you’re used to doing, you have to turn to a completely different way of thinking.”

“Up until now, it was my experience that I didn’t have the skills to enjoy my success.”


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