How to Live Off Rentals and Stress Less w/ Vacation Rental Expert Kirby Atwell

“Start your business with an outcome in mind.” 

These are rousing words from the master of rental property investment himself, Kirby Atwell. After serving in the US Army, he felt a calling to go all out and start venturing into real estate. Throughout his real estate career, he has faced a lot of lessons that became his pillar to fortune. Now Kirby is one of the hottest real estate investors in the country. He also runs his podcast show that has inspired many to dive headfirst into rental properties. With that being said, this episode revolves around Kirby's journey towards success. And how he has overcome setbacks along the journey. Learn how he paved his way to financial freedom, earned massive profits, and achieved security by living off rentals.

Key Takeaways

[0:28] What is the most important and most challenging lesson he learned in real estate investing?

[1:48] How has profit first impacted his life?

[5:27] Using his investments to pay a debt

[8:50] Talking about his brand “Living Off Rentals.”

[10:33] Why did he decide to switch investing in rental properties, and how has he maximized the BRRRR method?

[13:08] How many rental properties do you need to walk away from your full-time job and feel secure?

[13:52] What have been his challenges while living off rentals?

[17:19] It’s essential to focus on what you’re good at

[18:36] Learn how to say no to the things that don’t serve you at the highest level 

[20:57] The whole point is to start making profit a habit

[23:56] Figure out how your business is going to lead you to the lifestyle that you want


[0:46] “I learned that you should start a business with an outcome.”

[14:16] “You’re always in that constant “crack addict rehab mindset” where you have to get another deal.”

[14:53] “There are just so many benefits to not thinking about how many deals you should make to pay your bills.”


Living Off Rentals Podcast-

Kirby Atwell’s LinkedIn- 

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki- 

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