How to Work Smarter Not Harder With Cameron Dunlap

Keep your steam engines running for this exciting episode, and we’re bringing in a very special guest for you. We’re joined by no other than Cameron Dunlap, the founder, and CEO of Real Estate Worth Network. Today, he’ll be sharing with us his real estate journey and how he’s been able to achieve his success by using the exact REI tools to move his business forward.

Catch this genius-making action by listening to today’s jam-packed session!

Key Takeaways for This Episode:

[2:09] How did he start to build up his rental portfolio?

[2:56] Cameron shares his teaching and real estate journey

[5:57] Was there ever a time in the business where he felt like he was doing a lot but wasn’t keeping as much?

[7:45] When did the financial freedom fill in and did all the work?

[11:00] Was the Profit First methodology a new concept to him?

[16:22] You can use the buyer’s money to fund a purchase for your seller

[18:41] With the cash buyer’s data fee, you don’t have to build a buyer’s list

Quotable Quotes:

[5:41] “I get a lot done, but I don’t work that hard.”

[15:50] “That was a big changer because it helped me focus my energy on the right people.”


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz-

Profit First REI by David Richter – 

Real Estate Worth Network- 

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