Ignite Your Real Estate Fortunes: Insider Strategies from Elite Investors

“Unless you go out of your way and mess up, you'll be okay; unless you go out of your way to find an amazing deal, you'll probably still be okay.”

In this episode, John Errico and Ryan Goldfarb share their real estate investing journey from working in the corporate world to focusing on short-term rentals, single-family, multifamily apartments, and commercial investing.

Listen as they share their amazing partnership and journey through the ups and downs of real estate investing!

Key Takeaways:

[01:50] Introducing John Errico
[03:57] Introducing Ryan Goldfarb
[08:04] Most fun part of John and Ryan's real estate investing journey!
[14:14] Focusing on short-term rentals and value-add construction projects
[21:26] Returns to expect when investing in Atlantic City
[27:52] Strategies John and Ryan have to make managing short-term rentals less stressful
[31:42] Their advice to aspiring real estate investors
[35:15] Connect with John Errico and Ryan Goldfarb


[13:27] “Trying out new things was an exercise in figuring out what I don't like.”
[26:18] “Short-term rentals are like layering and operating business on top of real estate investment.”
[32:58] “There are always reasons not to do something, if you want to do it and if it's something where you want to put your money… you just have to do it.”

Connect with John and Ryan:

Website: https://brickxbrick.podbean.com/e/ep-1-meet-the-partners/ 

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