Implementing Profit First Principles From The Start Helped Ray Zhang’s Land Business Thrive & Grow

Throughout any investor’s journey, there is a point of struggle where giving up becomes more and more tempting as a solution. The people who decide to push on are the ones who learn that struggling doesn’t mean you can no longer succeed—our guest today is proof of that.

Ray Zhang moved to America 11 years ago with only $3,000 in his pocket, even having to live in a car for a while. Now he is a successful investor, starting with flipping and wholesale and moving into the land investing niche alongside his other businesses.

Tune in as Ray shares his story, insight into land investing, and the benefit of implementing Profit First into his business!

Key Takeaways:

[00:52] Introducing Ray Zhang and His Background
[06:53] On the Impact of Profit First
[10:44] Implementing the Principles of Profit First When He Started His Land Investing Business
[11:54] How Ray Manages His Finances for His Businesses
[15:43] On Starting His Land Investing Coaching Business
[16:44] On His Money Mindset and His Thoughts on Coaching and Learning
[24:06] Advice for Investors Who Want to Implement Profit First
[25:32] Connect With Ray


[20:49] “A book is not bad spending. A book, or a course, or paying someone as a coach is the best money that you can spend.”
[24:25] “You've got to be really focused…That means you don't do wholesaling at the same time you want to do some rentals…Focus on one niche and do whatever you can.”
[25:10] “When [you have] profit, don't spend it unless you know that money you want to spend will give you more money.”

Connect with Ray:


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