Insider Insights: Mathew Pezon Shares Secrets to Profit First Mastery

“If I would have implemented Profit First sooner, I would have realized the potential that the business had a lot earlier than I did…”

In this episode of the Profit First for REI podcast, we have Mathew Pezon. He is a seasoned real estate investor, bilingual engineer, and businessperson. He shares his story of his leap of faith into real estate, where he is now versus where he was.

Mathew also digs into what he tracks to ensure he doesn't waste his money. This episode includes KPIs, Profit First, and more cool stuff. Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:00] Introducing Mathew Pezon
[02:04] What's new with Mathew?
[03:43] His Profit First Journey
[07:40] The transformative power of Profit First
[10:46] Tracking the numbers
[15:34] Mathew's advice for people who don't have fancy CRM
[23:21] Mistake that he made
[25:31] Asking the right questions
[27:17] His advice for people starting their real estate journey
[28:00] Connect with Mathew Pezon


[07:11] “For me the Profit First minds, it's a mindset. It's a continuous pursuit… It's what we live every day.”
[11:33] “As we are putting together our financial projections in our budgeting, we budget a certain amount for direct mail. But if we are sending it to the wrong list, now we have data we can know that. That's more profit we can keep by mailing to the right list.”
[17:32] “I would encourage everyone to do that math so that you know if the system is right or not.”

Connect with Mathew:


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