Investing to Learn or Learning to Invest? How Not to Be a Dinosaur With Mike Zlotnik

Mike Zlotnik has always wanted to invest in real estate. For over 22 years, Mike has been a debt and equity investor. He is a member of several mastermind groups and has taken on the role of CEO of Tempo Funding, LLC.

Mike jam-packs this episode with practical opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability in the REI realm.

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Mike’s real estate journey

[3:13] Where is he on his real estate journey as of now?

[7:22] How does he source and manage his deals?

[11:00] Mike explains the difference between closed and open-ended funds.

[14:03] When is the right time to start a fund?

[18:39] Who are the most important and paramount people to have in their team?

[20:45] What philosophies around money have stuck with him throughout the years?

Quotable Quotes:

[22:03] “Money is essentially a commodity; it’s fungible. You basically have to have it, but you also have to invest in it. “

[25:24] “Life is all about growth. The moment you stop learning, you’re a dinosaur. And if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. “


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