Jay Conner’s Secret to Success (And It’s Not Money)

Are you curious as to how people get constant money when doing real estate? The answer is simple: private money! Through the power of private money, you have the opportunity to completely transform your business and your life. It’s just a matter of taking that first step.


And this week’s guest, Jay Connor, is glad to take you guys along and help you fast track your business growth. Let’s hear it out from the private money authority himself.

Key Takeaways:

[6:17] The story of how he learned to master private money

[8:07] What is the secret to eliminating private money?

[10:23] People who learn to become real estate investors can earn an unlimited amount of money returns on their investments, at least tax deferred if not tax free. 

[14:31] How does he approach someone who he wants to talk about private money with?

[21:46] Jay talks about how you should find things that you’re passionate about instead of just focusing on money.

Quotable Quotes:

[11:39] “Go where the money is. The more money you wallow in, the more money it sticks to you.”

[15:39] “It all starts with the perspective of having a servant’s heart and serving these people.”

[21:25] “If money is your primary motivation in doing anything, that is not going to be a long-term venture at all.”


Jay’s website-https://www.jayconner.com 

Where to Get Money Now by Jay Conner-https://www.jayconner.com/book-details/ 

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