Joseph & Jenn Delle Fave, The Duo Behind The Creative Finance Playbook, Share How Profit First Changed The Course Of Their Business

Family is often a big factor in any person’s life, so when family becomes an obstacle when starting a business, it becomes a significant roadblock. For our guests today, overcoming this hurdle became a major struggle.

Joseph and Jenn Delle Fave are real estate investors, coaches, and the duo behind the Creative Finance Playbook—a Youtube channel where they share the wonders of non-traditional financing for real estate.

If you're someone who has struggled with family resistance or fear holding you back from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, this episode is for you. Tune in as Joe and Jenn share their inspiring story and how Profit First has helped them with their business.

Key Takeaways:

[00:41] Introducing Joe & Jenn Delle Fave and Diving Into Joe’s Background
[07:35] Joe’s Past Struggles
[12:23] On Pursuing Real Estate Despite Family Struggles
[17:31] How Joe & Jenn Connected
[20:29] Jenn’s Background
[23:53] On Moving to Florida
[27:46] On Learning About and Implementing Profit First
[33:39] On Profit First Alleviating Fear
[36:55] Connect with Joe & Jenn


[29:11] “The whole concept of [Profit First], like the envelope system, that's something that every person needs to really implement. And so even though we were organized, things could be even more organized. ”
[21:23] “I feel like the whole time I was listening to your book, you were just speaking directly to me about a lot of the issues that we've been dealing with for years.”
[32:03] “[Profit First can benefit you because] of clarity of everything that's going on in the health of your business…Just like being able to open up the hood [of] a car and find out what's wrong with it and tinkering [with] it. But you don't have to. It's just showing right in your face now.”

Connect with Joe & Jenn


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