Krisstina Wise, CEO and founder of Wealthy Wellthy, helps entrepreneurs achieve success without sacrificing personal health & happiness

Our guest for this episode is Krisstina Wise, a money expert, coach, and the CEO and founder of Wealthy Wellthy. She dedicates herself to helping other entrepreneurs achieve wealth without the cost of their relationships and health—something she herself has gone through.

Krisstina’s mission is fuelled by her personal struggles. In 2013, she nearly lost her life due to a lifestyle dedicated to the pursuit of success and money. She realized that she achieved professional success at the expense of her health and happiness in other facets of life. From there, she went on a journey to understand money.

Krisstina now teaches how to have a healthy relationship with money, using her expert insights to help people reach financial satisfaction, including how to apply Profit First into your life. Tune in to hear all of it straight from an expert!

Key Takeaways:

[00:58] Introducing Krisstina Wise and Her Background
[04:41] Experiencing Money Struggles and Other Challenges
[08:58] How Krisstina Began to Dig Herself Out of Her Situation
[11:29] What Contributed to Her Going Through Financial Struggles and the First Category of Money Mindset Problems
[13:29] The Second Category of Money Mindset Problems: Parkinson’s Law
[16:22] The Third Category of Money Mindset Problems: The Fear of Spending
[17:01] The Three Money Mindsets
[20:53] On the Tendency for Entrepreneurs to Live Deal to Deal
[31:42] The Most Important Money Question: How Much Money is Enough?
[37:11] Connect with Krisstina and Check Out Her Book


[06:24] “Over 75%—close to 80%—of Westerners are paycheck-to-paycheck, regardless of income. So those statistics alone tell us that we really don't understand this thing called money.”
[21:55] “The number one money myth, the biggest money lie…[or] false belief there is out there is this belief that the answer to all of my money problems system make more money.”
[31:53] “The most important money question that we can ask ourselves…is “how much money is enough?” And it's an equally philosophical question as it is practical…It’'s a really important question because what we need to get to is a place of what's called satisfaction.”

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