Lessons Learned and how Profit First helped him through his hardest year with Brandon Neely

Brandon Neely is an experienced entrepreneur and dedicated financial planner who runs the Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast with his wife and business partner, Amanda.

After a difficult and emotional second year of running a coffee shop business, Brandon and Amanda started their foray into dedicated financial planning. This led them to Profit First and applying its principles in both their business and personal finances.

In this episode, Brandon shares his insight on the importance of valuing your work and your worth, and why you should start implementing Profit First into your life.

Key Takeaways:

[00:46] Brandon Neely and Profit First

[03:26] The Struggles Brandon Experienced During His Journey

[07:12] On People Devaluing Their Work and Not Paying Themselves

[11:11] The Infinite Banking System 

[16:05] On Passing on Profit First Principles

[20:40] On Lessons Learned After His Hardest Year 

[22:52] The Effect of Money

[26:28] The Importance of Quality Questions

[22:44] His Advice for the Real Estate Community


[06:30] “We need to start paying ourselves…as a business owner, we weren't the only ones dealing with this not paying ourselves. It is like a plague.”

[07:54] “We devalue our own efforts or works…I think that sometimes, we don't realize that we need to [stop doing] that.”

[15:28] “It's just thinking about where you put your money so it can multiply.”

[23:18] “What are your goals?…The hard part is most people have not actually thought about them, or talked to their spouse about that.”

Connect with Brandon: 

Still Method- stillmethod.com

Profit First Real Estate Investors FB Group-https://m.facebook.com/groups/ProfitFirstREI/ 

Simple CFO-https://simplecfo.com/ 

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