Lessons Learned on Money with Jack BeVier

On this episode of Profit First for REI, we have Jack BeVier, a real estate investor with Dominion Financial Services. He has worked in multiple aspects of investment real estate, and has contributed to the growth of the company into a recognizable name in the national lending scene for real estate investors. 

Jack comes on the show equipped with an abundance of knowledge in a wide-array of real estate investment fields, finance, and business building, offering a wealth of value to the people listening. Catch the discussion here.

Key Takeaways:

[00:43] Jack BeVier and His Real Estate Journey
[08:20] On Starting Businesses and What He Would Do Differently in Hindsight
[13:47] His Lessons Learned on Money
[17:57] Advice for the Next Generation of People Getting Into Real Estate
[21:33] Dominion’s Loan Products Suitable for Real Estate Investors
[23:20] Last Piece of Advice for the Audience


[04:47] “I was fortunate to start young…In real estate, youth is a humongous advantage.”
[16:59] “In single-family real estate investing…it's best to learn how to do a couple of different things that complement each other.”
[24:15] “Getting into hard assets where you can get attractive leverage and do it at a young age, you won’t help but be able to retire [early].”


Connect with Jack – rental-loans.com 

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