Lien With It, Rock With It: Jay Drexel’s Journey From Retail Arbitrage to Tax Lien Investing

Jay Drexel is the jack of all trades when it comes to tax lien investing. With decades of experience, he will teach you how to skip the learning curve and get profitable faster than you could on your own. Jay has been doing tax yield deals for quite some time… and he loves teaching others his REI secrets.

Let’s find out how to avoid the mistakes that most investors make and get the strategies to get guaranteed returns.

Key Takeaways:

[2:35] What got him into taxing and real estate?

[6:46] What’s the process of his tax default property investments?

[11:35] One great advantage of foreign investing is the price point.

14:44 What early lessons did he learn about money, and how does it compare to what he learns about money today?

16:59 What is one of the biggest mistakes investors make in real estate investing?



[13:25] “Let’s find you someplace that’s easy to invest in, that’s affordable and works within your budget, and has a good rate of return.”

[15:33] “You don’t have to start with a ton of money to be able to retire comfortably. It’s about what you keep and learning all the different things. “

[19:46] “Continue to learn different aspects and different points of view”


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