Marketing & Branding Principles To Grow Your Real Estate Business with Sharon Vornholt

Today’s guest is Sharon Vornholt, a real estate investor and business coach. She has been in the property business since 1991, starting with her home inspection business before kicking off a career in investment in 1998. 

Since 2013, Sharon has been running a successful blog and podcast, providing value on real estate investing to her audience. She has since expanded into providing coaching services on marketing and the industry for other investors who seek success.

On this episode of Profit First for REI, Sharon’s going to share the wealth of knowledge she has accumulated in her years. Don’t miss it!

Key Takeaways:

[01:41] Sharon Vornholt and her Background

[05:02] Sharon and Her Career as a Marketer

[06:19] Direct Marketing and Branding

[08:08] On Probates

[10:28] On Learning About and Implementing Profit First

[14:43] On Her Money Mindset Then and Now

[16:21] Beliefs to Pass on to the Next Generation of Investors

[22:18] Advice for the Real Estate Investing Community

[24:04] Connect With Sharon


[12:41] “We all understand income and expenses, and you got to have the money coming in to pay the bills. But [the Profit First Approach] is at a much deeper level…it challenges you really to look at money differently.”

[17:03] “I think you have to invest in yourself, you have to invest in your education, because why should you have to learn everything the hard way, when you can get a coach?”

[22:59] “Focus on getting the leads in the door, and focus on your brand–even if you're brand-spanking new.”

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