Marketing Secrets Revealed: How To Get Highly Motivated Seller Leads with TV Marketing. Featuring, Real Estate and TV Marketing Expert Tony Javier

Do you want to get a FLOW of steady Highly Motivated Seller leads that has little to no competition?

In this episode, you’ll hear from our guest Tony Javier who is a TV marketing mastermind, author, and a business coach who helps real estate investors exponentially grow their leads and deal flow. 

Tony has 20+ years experience in the real estate space and has closed over 1000 flips by utilizing TV ads as his main marketing channel. 

If you own a real estate business, then you know how hard it is to be successful in this cut-throat competitive industry. When prospects show a hint of interest in a property, they’re bombarded by all sorts of messages from the robo phone calls, mass texts, emails, direct mail, and even knocks on their front door! 

The secret to grabbing sellers attention is to utilize a marketing channel produces the highest quality leads in an automated, targeted, and systematized way. 

Learn how Tony Javier has scaled his real estate investing business and maximized his deal flow by tapping into TV advertising.

So, pay attention and click play to get started!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[01:56] Tony’s background and expertise in real estate 

[03:11] How Tony made tax-free money from buying and refinancing properties 

[04:54] TV commercials as the number one lead source to scale your marketing and business

[07:37] Past vs Current mindset around money

[10:01] Why business owners undervalue what they provide

[12:39] Lessons to pass onto the next generation

[16:49] Why TV marketing is the best marketing channel

[19:05] Launching Tony’s coaching program that helps real estate investors implement and maximize their results from TV marketing. 

[22:17] The right time to start TV Ads


“Money is way more accessible than people think…You don't need money to get into this business. You don't need money for anything. You just need access to money.” 

“If you add enough value to people and you add enough value to what you're doing, you can charge a lot of money. If you under-promise, over-deliver, provide good customer service, your clients are going to pay you as much as they think it's going to be worth.”

“Get yourself surrounded by like-minded people that are going to lift you up and get you to that next level.”

“Don't hire cheap, hire great. The cheaper they are, you're going to get what you pay for. So sometimes, you just have to pay a premium.”


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To learn more about Tony, check out his expertise with TV and his podcast.