More Profit, More Savings, and Less Stress with Chris and Julie Gould

In this conversation with Chris and Julie Gould, sibling business partners for a real estate wholesaling company, we get to hear all about how implementing Profit First can change your business and your personal life for the better.

They share how they experienced the feeling of almost living paycheck-to-paycheck despite having good numbers and the stress of the lack of clarity–that is until they heard of Profit First.

Now they enjoy financial comfort in their personal lives, running a business independent from its visionary, focusing on new ventures, and diving deep into creating more clarity in their business to make better data-driven decisions. 

Check it out on this episode of the Profit First Podcast!

Key Takeaways:

[0:57] Chris & Julie Gould and on Working With Family 
[6:44] On their Wholesaling Company
[10:53] On Profit First
[15:27] On the Stress Before Profit First 
[17:00] How It Felt to Implement Profit First for the Business
[19:23] Profit First and Owner Compensation
[25:04] How Profit First Helps Make the Business Be More Independent From Chris
[29:38] On the Growth of Profit First and Their Business
[32:21] What Was The Best Thing You’ve Done With The New Profit Distribution?


[12:12] “Before we implemented the Profit First system, there’s this question that we ask a lot: ‘Are we actually making money?’”
[14:37] “[Before implementing Profit First], it’s almost like living paycheck to paycheck, even though the numbers are a lot bigger .”
[15:04] “A huge part of looking toward Profit First, and implementing more infrastructure in the business, we’re depending more on data than gut-feeling. We have numbers in front of us.”
[18:42] “It’s not worth it to NOT implement Profit First.”
[25:36] “I think a big part of being able to separate and pull [Chris] out of the business was having Profit First to lean on.”
[35:5l; 9] “You live your whole life thinking there’s not another way, and someone pops up and is just jlike, ‘Hey, it doesn’t have to be like that at all.’”


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