Overcoming Habits and Fears and Developing as a Leader with Joe Theriault

Joseph “Joe” Theriault is today’s guest on Profit First for REI! He’s a real estate investor and owner of Inherited Property Solutions, a company focused on helping people liquidate inherited property. He is also actively involved in rehabs, novations, wholetail, wholesale, and brokerage.

This is one of my favorite episodes so far. Joe goes into the struggles he experienced when he took over the financial side of his business while retaining his old habits. He became unable to pay himself first, stressed over work, and found difficulty managing the company’s numbers. 

Everything changed when Joe made the conscious decision to take leadership coaching and apply Profit First in his business, developing his systems and mindset. Check out the whole discussion here!

Key Takeaways:

[00:49] Joe Theriault, His Background, and Journey
[07:39] On Getting Leadership Coaching
[09:29] On His Financial Struggles and the Benefits Profit First
[15:26] How His Business Struggles Affected His Life and Leadership
[19:24] On Being Able to Pay Himself 
[22:32] On Overcoming His Habits and Fears and Developing as a Leader
[29:55] How to Connect With Joe


[08:38] “I'm a big fan of…do what other people do. Just do it better…[You] don't [have to] reinvent the wheel.”
[19:13] “[After Profit First,] my ego and money, all that stuff isn’t intertwined anymore.”
[28:22] “Right people, right seats. That's what my coaches are right now, hands down. Right people right seats…That includes bringing you guys in Profit First.”

Connect with Joe: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.theriault.35

Tired of living deal to deal? 

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