Overcoming the Challenge of Fear in Real Estate With Brad Blazar

Brad Blazar has studied the habits of success. He’s an expert when it comes to raising capital and has been raising hard-earned money since the young age of 23. After years of managing his oil company, Brad realized that his true passion lay in helping others while still raising money for himself.

Brad’s coaching program , Capital School, has garnered praise across the globe and is highly recognized in the REI space. Helping budding real estate geeks on their business journey.

Today, we invited him over to have a chat with us and talk about how to climb up that success ladder the smart way.

Key Takeaways:

[2:16] How did he start on his real estate journey?

[5:46] He learned the value of trust and building relationships with the people around him

[7:53] The story of how he launched his first oil business at the age of 23

[12:21] Does he teach people how to raise money from different sources?

[15:23] How to get off the transactional treadmill and create a passive lifestyle through commercial real estate

[16:27] Tips on how to raise money the easy way

Quotable Quotes:

[16:56] “We, as human beings, know how our brains are wired, are not wired to be successful. Our brain is programmed into one thing and that is to keep us alive. “

[21:46] “Investors do not invest in great ideas.”


Brad’s Website-https://www.bradblazar.com 

Books by Brad Blazar-https://www.bradblazar.com/the-book 

Capital School-https://www.bradblazar.com/capitalschool 

Tired of living deal to deal? 

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