Perspective on Why Investors Often Live Deal to Deal with

Joining us for today’s episode is Mike Hambright, the CEO of Investor Machine, a real estate investor, mentor, and coach. He is also the Founder of the Real Estate Investor VIP Show and Investor Fuel, the top Real Estate Investor Mastermind in the country.

Mike is a prominent figure in the real estate investing world due to his passion for using his platform to provide value to the real estate investing community, dedicated to helping every investor find personal success. He joins us in this discussion to do exactly that.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:42] Mike Hambright and Real Estate Investing
[05:25] Mike’s Money Struggles
[08:14] Why Should You Set Up a Financial Management System?
[11:47] Why Should You Have Someone Who Knows Your Business’s Numbers on Your Team?
[12:48] Mike’s Perspective on Why  Investors Often Live Deal to Deal
[15:57] Advice for the Next Generation of Real Estate Investors
[18:30] On Tenacity and Confidence: Mike Hambright’s One Key to Success
[23:47] On Giving Up Control: The Lesson Mike Learned the Hardest
[26:51] Surround Yourself With the Right People: Mike’s Advice
[28:26] Connect With Mike


[19:19] “Failure needs to be a stepping stone.
[27:02] “Surrounding yourself with the right people.”
[27:57] “You can invest your way up that learning curve.”

Connect with Mike:

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