Principles of Successful Marketing and Common Mistakes People Make in Marketing with Bryan Driscoll

Today we’ve got real estate investor and expert marketer Bryan Driscoll on the show. He is the CEO of Motivated Leads, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping real estate investors handle their online marketing efforts to generate leads.

Bryan’s expertise gives us a unique, marketing perspective on real estate. He talks about how to improve your marketing efforts in both methods and documentation, and the lessons and mistakes he’s encountered both in marketing and money. Check out the full discussion here!

Key Takeaways:

[00:51] Bryan Driscoll on Real Estate and Marketing
[03:46] From Digital Marketing to Lead Generation
[05:07] Getting Consistent With Your Digital Marketing
[06:45] On Tracking Expenses
[09:25] Lessons Learned on Money
[11:05] Knowledge to Share With the Next Generation of People Going Into Real Estate
[12:07] The Principles of Successful Marketing
[14:31] Common Mistakes People Make in Marketing
[16:24] Advice and Actionable Marketing Decisions for the People in the Real Estate World
[18:01] How to Connect with Bryan


[07:12] “Make sure your messaging is extremely direct.”
[12:48] “Track data sources so you can tell which sources give you good traffic, [and] which sources are giving you bad traffic.”
[17:17] “Get outside of your head, don't don't overthink it–set up a [marketing] campaign. Even if it's two bucks, or five bucks, go in and set it up.”

Connect with Bryan:


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