Prioritizing Profit, Escaping The Deal-to-Deal Cycle with Alex Chizhik & Shimon Lazarov

We’ve got double the value for today’s episode with two great guests—Alex Chizhik and Shimon Lazarov, the hosts of The Dollar Auction podcast! They discuss anywhere from Bitcoin, government regulations, investing, economics, finance, and more.

Alex is an experienced executive with nearly two decades worth of experience in managing organizations and is passionate about technology and cryptocurrency. Shimon is a growth leader with an extensive strategy background in digital strategy, market research, and business development.

These two strategic minds join us today to discuss various topics surrounding money mindset and intentionality, and how it can greatly affect your business growth. Tune in! 

Key Takeaways:

[00:48] Introducing Alex Chizhik & Shimon Lazarov
[03:48] Blitzscaling: Why People Don’t Prioritize Profit
[15:49] Why People Live Deal-to-Deal
[23:16] Thoughts on Fractional Businesses
[25:29] On Real Estate and Cryptocurrency
[33:55] Connect with Alex & Shimon


[15:37] “It doesn't matter if you're making a million a year or hundreds of millions a year. You need to know where you are on the financial side.”
[17:05] “If you don't put some [money] aside, then you can literally have 10 years pass by and for nothing to show for it. And I actually have friends who worked on Wall Street and friends who worked in Silicon Valley making over half a million dollars per year. They didn't save too much. ”
[31:50] “All these investments, including cash, is a tool for something…So be intentional about what you're investing in.”

Connect with Alex & Shimon

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