Profit First and EOS: A Winning Combination for Real Estate Investors – Maura McGraw’s Perspective

In this episode of Profit First for REI podcast, we interviewed Maura McGraw. She is a marine veteran, a mother, and an active real estate investor.

Being a marine veteran, she talks about what she learned in the military and how it helped her in real estate investing. She also shares her Profit First journey from where she came from.

You will learn a lot of practical advice in this episode, so listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:03] Introducing Maura McGraw
[03:13] What she learned in the military that helped in her real estate investing journey
[08:22] Why real estate?
[11:49] Life Before Profit First
[17:13] Managing multiple types of business
[22:44] Financial benefits of paying yourself first
[27:26] Biggest benefit of EOS and Profit First
[32:12] Connect with Maura McGraw


[04:15] “There is no option except for mission accomplishment and that translates to, you can never give up.”[17:48] “It's easy to lose sight of paying yourself as an owner.”
[28:22] “Having a financial system, that is like the lifeblood of your business. That is what's keeping everything going and the scorecard of whether you are succeeding or not.”

Connect with Maura:


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