Profit First in Real Estate: Transforming Your Business for Financial Freedom

If you need help with deal consistency and flow and starting to hire anyone, this episode is for you!

We had Jennie Hudspeth, a sales trainer and a talented business professional with a career potential of no limits. She has done over a thousand deals in 12 months.

Listen as she shares some great practical tools she has for people starting to hire anyone. Jennie also talked about how important Profit First is. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

[01:00] Introducing Jennie Hudspeth
[03:11] Jennie's real estate investing journey
[10:42] What you would have done differently on the way up?
[13:55] “Everyone has to be on the same boat.”
[19:15] The Theory of Constraints
[26:14] Jennie and the REI Sales Tools
[34:38] Connect with Jennie Hudspeth


[11:22] “As I matured in management, I learned that it's not about me.”
[13:55] “To be able to have consistency, everyone has to be on the same boat.”
[23:46] “If we do more of the right things consistently, the wrong things go away naturally.”

Connect with Jennie:


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