Profit First Lessons From A Digital Marketer with AJ Aluthwala

Profit First isn’t just a massive benefit for real estate investors—it can benefit any business across various industries.

To show you just how valuable the Profit First method can be, we’ve got AJ Aluthwala joining us today! He is an app developer, co-founder, and CEO of KallistoArt Online Marketing, a company that helps develop high-conversion websites and mobile apps for other businesses.

AJ is also a big advocate for the Profit First method! Listen as he shares his story in this episode.

Key Takeaways:

[00:43] Introducing AJ Aluthwala and His Projects
[03:54] AJ’s Money Struggles and Profit First Journey
[09:57] Why AJ Implemented Profit First Right Away
[11:30] Some People Live Paycheck to Paycheck Because of the Lack of Knowledge in Financial Management
[14:46] AJ’s Journey Into Entrepreneurship
[16:42] AJ’s Years of Entrepreneurship Before Profit First
[19:04] How AJ Restructured the Business With Profit First
[21:08] What Money Lessons AJ Wants to Teach to His Kids
[26:31] Persistence and Adaptability: AJ’s Keys to Success
[28:18] Connect With AJ


[09:37] “When you have $0 in your bank account, it's very easy to implement all things.”.
[12:08] “A lot of people like myself have not really been schooled, or [don’t] have school about managing money, or don't have the background about money management.”
[17:19] “When things aren't going right for you, you start seeing shiny objects, and then you start running after shiny objects… And that's what happened to me… Because [of] all of that, I was introduced to Profit First. And out of that, I was able to take profit first seriously.”

Connect with AJ:

AJ’s Website:
ElleApps Website:

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