Profit First Lessons From A Investor, speaker, founder of Common Goal with Nick Prefontaine

One of the most common goals in real estate investing and building wealth is developing that peace of mind that comes with financial security.

Joining us today is Nick Prefontaine, an investor, speaker, founder, and CEO of Common Goal. He talks about the difficulties he and other investors experienced and how he has managed to build his success and achieve that peace of mind through financial management.

Tune in as he talks about his investment journey, the influences and lessons he learned growing up with a dad who is a real estate investor, and implementing Profit First!

Key Takeaways:

[00:52] Introducing Nick Prefontaine
[03:02] On Nick Starting His Investment Journey After Coming out of the Hospital
[09:49] Money Struggles Nick Experienced During His Journey
[17:32] On Learning Money Management Early
[24:46] Employing an Abundance Mentality: How Investors Can Stop Living Deal to Deal
[28:19] Taking Things a Step at a Time: Nick’s Keys to Success
[30:22] Advice for Real Estate Investors
[32:03] Outro


[11:46] “In order to influence people, in order to let them help you, you have to allow them to bring down their walls. And that's done by relating to them.”.
[19:24] “The principles that I learned in [the Millionaire Mindset seminar] they stick with me to this day, and really it really allows me to have so much more flexibility and peace of mind.”
[28:50] “You have to just take your first step. And then once you take your first step, it allows the next step to become possible. So just breaking it down, David, to taking things one step at a time.”

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