Profit first lessons from a real estate expert and the founder of Express Homebuyers, Brad Chandler

Brad Chandler is a seasoned real estate expert and the founder of Express Homebuyers, a company that specializes in assisting home sellers with a fast process and fair pricing. In the 20 years since it started, they have successfully bought and sold over 4,000 properties across the country.

Despite his professional success, Brad's journey was not without its challenges. He struggled with unresolved trauma from his childhood, leading to a lack of self-love and $9 million in business losses. 

Brad has since changed his perspective on success. He now focuses on providing as much impact through his real estate and coaching businesses and commits to having a healthier relationship with money by implementing Profit First. 

We’ve got an inspiring episode ahead of us, and I’m excited for you to tune in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Introducing Brad Chandler
[02:14] Why is Brad in Real Estate?
[09:05] Unresolved Trauma and Why You Should Deal With It
[15:43] Success is More Than Solving Money Issues
[16:55] How Brad Faced His Unresolved Trauma
[19:21] How Brad’s Process Differs From Therapy
[21:04] Unresolved Trauma and How It Affects Your Business
[24:37] Self-Love and Self-Compassion are the Path to Freedom
[25:26] Recommend Resources
[26:02] Self-Development is a Life-Long Journey
[24:51] More Advice From Scott: Go to Flip Hacking Live
[25:30] Connect With Scott


[07:23] “I don't need to go make a bunch of money and prove anything to the world. Because I already know the truth. And I'm enough. So I've switched [to] making an impact.”
[21:54] “When you have unresolved trauma, and you feel unworthy, that means that you're likely in a fight or flight stage. When a lion is chasing you, how creative do you think you can [be]?…How great do you think you can [plan] the next step, or how to plan for the next business meeting, or talk to a seller? You can't.”
[24:42] “The only way that you get freedom in life is through self-love and self-compassion.”

Connect with Brad:

Recommended Resources:

  • Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
  • Way to Love by Anthony de Mello

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