Profit First Lessons From A Real Estate Investing Expert with Mark Podolsky

Now is an excellent time to start investing no matter where you are, no matter what age you are. 

We've got Mark Podolsky, a land geek sharing his knowledge on conquering the fear of investing and financial insecurity to move forward to achieve the tri-factor of life: Money, Health, and Time. 

Listen as Mark shares how Profit First impacted his business and gained knowledge on how he transforms lands into a passive income now!

Key Takeaways:

[01:00] Introducing Mark Podolsky
[01:54] Mark on What Excites Him the Most about Real Estate Investment
[03:49] Financial Struggles He Experienced in the Past
[08:24] Mark's Insight on Why Most Investors Live Deal to Deal
[12:07] Profit First's Impact on His Business
[15:26] How His View of Money Changed Over the Years
[20:51] One Key for Mark's Success in Life
[23:08] Hardest Lesson Mark Learned in His Real Estate Investing Career
[25:04] Mark's Advice to Real Estate Investing Community
[28:03] Connect with Mark Podolsky


[05:54] “Stuff is great, vacations are great, cars are great but that doesn't make me happy.”
[18:27] “There will never be better times of your life when you have the tri-factor of life: Money, Health, and Time.”
[21:43] “Many people are spending so much of their days, life, and energy on this thing called money that doesn't fulfill them, doesn't light them up, isn't their true purpose.”

Connect with Mark:


Tired of living deal to deal? 

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