Profit First Lessons From A Successful Real Estate Investor and Wholesaler from Gainesville, Florida with Brett McCollum

In this episode, we hear from an individual who has faced financial challenges and has taken steps to overcome them, eventually finding success. Our guest's journey has been one of great highs and lows, and they will share their experiences and insights with us.

Joining us is Brett McCollum: a successful real estate investor and wholesaler from Gainesville, Florida and the owner of MVP Group International. Brett shares his personal story of overcoming financial struggles and achieving success in the industry, offering valuable insights and advice for other investors facing financial challenges. 

Tune in to hear Brett's journey and gain valuable knowledge on how to overcome financial obstacles in the world of real estate investing.

Key Takeaways:

[00:42] Introducing Brett McCollum
[04:32] Brett on Growing up in Poverty and Other Employment and Financial Struggles
[16:50] How Brett Started in Real Estate
[24:10] On His Money Mindset Early On, and Learning How to Properly Manage It
[28:01] Why Building Habits is Key to Becoming Better With Money Management
[30:00] How Brett Learned to Pay Himself
[34:07] Brett’s Breakthrough Moment and Working With His Wife to Manage Their Finances
[40:34] Connect With Brett
[42:39] Closing Remarks

[26:09] “In the coaching programs that I have, most of them don't teach you how to keep your money. And I guess that's absolutely the reason why you wrote [Profit First for Real Estate Investors].”
[27:42] “I make plans for my business and how to market. I make plans for my business; how to generate those leads. I make plans for how to sell those deals. I make plans for how to do this and everything. Shouldn't I then also make a plan for where my money goes?”
[32:30] “If I hadn't had a profit first plan, 2020 would have crushed me.”

Connect with Brett:


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