Profit first lessons from business coach & investor, Polish Peter

Peter Kolat, also known as Polish Peter, is a multifaceted professional in the business world. He's an investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and transformational coach. He is a coach from Lifeoanaire, an organization with the goal of helping people reach fulfilling lives. Furthermore, he created the Immigrant Masters Unite mastermind, which focuses on helping and connecting immigrant entrepreneurs.

In the past, Peter faced some challenges that made him unhappy, despite his successful career in investing and coaching. He faced difficulty connecting with his family, and his tendency of people-pleasing impacted both his personal and professional life. Peter has been on a journey to overcome these struggles and has found success in both his life and his business with the help of the Profit First and Lifeonaire systems. 

In this episode, he will be sharing more of his story and wisdom with us—a great opportunity to learn from Peter's experiences and gain insights on how to gain true fulfillment!

Key Takeaways:

[00:41] Introducing “Polish Peter” Kolat
[03:47] Peter on the Profit First Method and
[06:56] On Struggling as a Business Owner and Leader
[11:26] On How Work Life Affected His Family Life
[14:58] On Personal Development
[17:53] The Importance of Having a Coach 
[19:42] Why Investors Live Deal-to-Deal: Not Having Support and Clear Goals
[26:39] Questions to Ask Yourself and Conquering Your Subconscious
[29:29] What Would Peter Do Differently If He Started From Scratch?
[31:47] Connect with Peter


[04:43] “When you start looking [at] the profit first and you focus on that number, amazing things happen in your life.”
[21:08] “When you write down what your life is going to look like, and you get very clear what you want to end up in…that's like at this GPS, this Guiding Light. Then the next question becomes, ‘okay, what does my business need to look like to support that life?.’”
[30:34] “One of the worst things you can do when you're a business owner, or when you're in a dark, dark, dark place, is [going] at it alone. You gotta reach out, you gotta surround yourself with other people.”

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