Profit First Lessons From CEO of Renovestors and Real State Investors with George Salas

One of the many goals of entrepreneurs is to build a business to the point that you can exit while it generates passive income.

George Salas is one of the many investors who had the same goal until he ran out of money from the get-go and struggled to pay himself. Finally, he realized he had to take charge of his cash flow. He then began to implement Profit First and take steps to ensure his finances were managed correctly. 

George is a real estate investment strategist and the CEO of Renovestors. He now utilizes the lessons he learned on money management to help other investors with his cash flow, and he joins us today to share his experience.

Key Takeaways:

[00:57] Introducing George Salas
[04:56] George Salas and His Money Struggles, Especially as a Beginner
[07:21] On Struggling to Pay Himself and Taking Initiative to Manage His Money
[13:42] On Adjusting to the Recession and Generating Profitability
[17:34] Why Do Many Investors Live Deal-to-Deal?
[20:36] On Lessons Learned and New Perspectives on Money
[22:28] Lessons to Pass on to His Kids
[24:20] George’s Keys to Success: Prioritize Personal Development
[27:08] What is Time Blocking?
[29:47] Advice for the Audience: Have an Attitude of Excellence
[32:55] Connect With George


[17:12] “I built a portfolio with the wrong strategy, because [it was the] wrong strategy for what I wanted as a goal.”
[24:50] “My biggest habit has been personal development, right? Making sure that I have a growth routine.”
[29:54] “Even if you're going to deal-to-deal or you do have a goal, there's always a way to improve what you're doing. So in order to do that, you've got to have an attitude of excellence.”

Connect with George:

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