Profit first lessons from Florida probate king Al Nicoletti

In this episode of the Profit First podcast, we have Al Nicoletti, the Florida probate King, as our guest. Al is a probate attorney known for his problem-solving skills and ability to bring in more revenue through unique marketing strategies. 

In this episode, he shares two of his biggest tips for marketing in the probate industry and his methodology for solving problems. He also talks about the importance of finding good people in his industry and gives listeners the right questions to ask when looking for talent. 

Al provides valuable insights that can help listeners make more money and grow their businesses, so be sure to tune in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:52] Introducing Al Nicoletti and His Background
[05:17] Al Nicoletti’s Money Struggles
[08:01] Al’s Work as a Probate Lawyer
[11:26] Al on Brand Building and Communication
[17:33] What Should You Look for in a Probate Attorney?
[20:59] What is Probate? 
[23:19] Profitable Probate Deals
[26:44] Al’s Advice for Real Estate Investors
[29:15] Connect With Al
[29:38] Closing


[12:28] “Relationships [are] what really [build] the bridges to where everybody's going.”
[12:52] “I think speaking is one of the most—it's the most unique, best form of networking marketing. It's a superpower that you can have because it will drive business, [and] it'll drive leads.”
[27:51] “ Time is money and the amount of time that you spend with some of the sellers and they don't get anything. It's crazy…We want to do deals all day, we want to close all day. So that is a huge value add for you out there, you got to start building out a checklist and asking and keeping that right next to you.”

Connect with Al:

Phone No.: 904-999-0053

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