Profit First Lessons From Pat Precourt A Highly Skilled Entrepreneur and Expert in Developmental Coaching

The Profit First method is based on establishing good financial habits. However, to adopt this approach, breaking free from negative behaviors that hinder growth is necessary. 

Our guest today is an expert at helping others break through and develop a better mindset, not just in money but also in leadership, teamwork, and personal growth. He is a knowledgeable real estate investor, coach, mentor, speaker, and real estate investor.

Pat Precourt is a highly skilled entrepreneur who excels in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, and more. Tune in as he provides a rich source of insight into overcoming bad habits and achieving financial growth!

Key Takeaways:

[00:45] Introducing Pat Precourt and His Background in Developmental Coaching
[03:52] The Common Financial Struggles of Entrepreneurs and How Pat Helps Them Recover
[11:32] The Predictability of Human Behavior and How It Can Be Used for Developing Change
[13:12] Pat’s Personal Money Struggles
[14:50] Why Many People Live Deal-to-Deal and How to Break Away From It
[19:31] How Pat Helps Leaders Who are Stuck Grow
[25:55] The Benefit of Having a Coach When It Comes to Creating Positive Change
[28:05] Pat’s Habit to Succes: Show Up and Build Momentum
[30:35] The Hardest Lesson Pat Has Learned
[33:04] Connect with Pat


[15:33] “We don't lack work ethic…We're tough. We can endure a little pain and endurance…but as a result of that, we put ourselves in a position to endure a little pain. And we put ourselves in a position where we have to work long hours, only because we're capable of it, and therefore we let it [happen].”
[26:27] “Your mind that got you this far, which is filled with all of your life experiences, all your wisdom, knowledge, expertise… [it] got you this far, [but it] can't get any further on its own. It only knows what it knows. And that's why you're exactly where you are right now until an outside force leans into you. And that's what a coach does for you.”
[29:06] “ I made a habit of showing up. I think showing up when you're down and out and feel like shit, or you're crabby and grouchy…Just showing up is more important than then staying home and finding excuses why you should why you didn't show up.}

Connect with Pat:

Social Media: “Patrick Precourt” on different platforms

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