Profit First Lessons from The Owner Of Offer on homes & Sales Expert Nathan Payne

Being a real estate investor means working for yourself. But, ironically, it also often leads to the inability to pay yourself. This is a symptom of improper financial management—a predicament that a system like Profit First can solve.

For our guest today, Profit First is precisely what he needed to refocus his finances into what is necessary, kickstarting massive growth!

We’ve got Nathan Payne joining us in this episode. He is a real estate investor, sales expert, and the owner of Offer On Homes. Listen in as he talks about his work, his struggles, and his success with the help of Profit First.

Key Takeaways:

[00:45] Introducing Nathan Payne
[02:07] Nathan on Real Estate and How He Started
[03:53] Nathans Money Struggles in Wholesaling
[06:03] How Inaction Can Lead You to Living Deal to Deal
[07:06] The Cash Conversion Cycle
[07:31] Nathan’s Struggle to Pay Himself and Discovering Profit First 
[10:36] Nathan on How His Lack of Financial Knowledge Early on Held Him Back
[12:18] Nathan’s Advice to Pass On: Consistent Action and No Excuses 
[14:11] Nathan’s Current Projects
[15:16] On Hiring the Wrong and Right People
[20:08] The Benefit of Networking for Your Real Estate Career


[08:02] “My business partner and I were running this company [and] luckily our wives work. So we were able to live off of what they made…I think that might have been a handcuff to be like, ‘Hey, if we're not paying ourselves, it's okay.’ So it was a double-edged sword. .”
[15:48] “I can't do everything—I wish I could. But hiring solid team members has been the best thing in my life where I can just be like, ‘Hey, I need you to do this.’ And they do it better than I can. And it's like the best feeling ever.”
[18:06] “That's the advice that I would have for people…education is great, but you need to take action, and then you're gonna find out what you don't know real quick.”

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