So Long, Corporate America: Paul Thompson’s Journey to Freedom and Abundance

Paul David Thompson is always on a mission to help purpose-driven men and women entrepreneurs break the mundane corporate cycle by teaching them to start investing. He’s an expert in scaling up businesses to the next level by guiding aspiring real estate investors through the process of closing record-breaking deals. Today we dive into the finer details of how he’s able to incorporate the Profit First system so he can attain a life of abundance and live his life by design under his control.

Key Takeaways:

[1:56] How did he get started in his real estate career?  

[4:42] How does he get passive income in a quicker way?  

[8:34] What were his early lessons on money like, and how do they compare to how he thinks about money now?

[13:08] What money mindsets does he want to pass on to his children?  

[16:36] What are his thoughts on the Profit First system and how did it help him through his business? 

[18:30] What other benefits from Profit First has he found out and how does it give him a sense of clarity and control?

[23:08] Take what the market gives you


[3:50] “You’re constantly adjusting to the marketplace and to what marketing channels work, building systems and processes and people around having a business that does that consistently.”

[9:09] “When you find the opportunity to raise money in real estate, it’s not hard to make money.”


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