Staying Disciplined With The Profit First Model Helped David Pupo Grow His Business

In this episode, we’re speaking with David Pupo, a real estate investor and the visionary of Florida House Buyers. He studied marketing and finance and worked a corporate job right out of college before transitioning into the real estate industry.

David is a big advocate of the Profit First method. He first applied it after realizing he had been spending so much on taxes and realized he needed a system to manage his money. Despite initially struggling to maintain the model, he has recently seen how much of a benefit it is to his business through following Profit First with discipline.

Tune in as we discuss his investment journey and how every investor needs Profit First.

Key Takeaways:

[00:46] Introducing David Pupo and His Background
[03:44] David’s Entrepreneurial Journey
[07:57] Encountering the Profit First Method
[10:16] The Value of Profit First After David’s Full Implementation
[11:56] Struggles Before Fully Implementing Profit First
[15:58] David’s Teaching Niche in Real Estate that Includes Profit First 
[17:58] David’s Future Goals for His Business
[20:51] Hardest Lesson Learn as an Investor
[22:10] Advice for People Who Want to Implement Profit First.
[23:13] Connect with David


[10:31] “[Profit First is] sheer discipline, that's what I see coming out from the other side is just a consistent action to make sure that at the end of the day—when it's tax season, you are not gripping, you're not holding for dear life.”
[21:11] “You don't need a partner for everything that you might think. You can delegate and hire out a lot of those responsibilities…I always thought that I needed a COO…While I know that there's a lot of benefits to having that COO, I've also been able to realize I can delegate and hire out a lot of what that responsibility was.”
[22:31] “[Profit First is] very elementary. It's very action and step oriented…to the point where I can show people that I'm bringing it on as coaching clients in the first two weeks of the program.”

Connect with David:

Instagram: @dollarswithdavid
TikTok: @dollarswithdavid

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