Steve Rozenberg’s Recipe for Success: Know Your Numbers and Fail Often

Two of the most important resources a business owner needs are knowledge and mindset.

In this episode, we have Steve Rozenberg sharing the wisdom he’s developed over the years along his business journey.

A full-time pilot, investor, business owner, and now a business coach, Steve emphasizes how important knowing your numbers is and how getting a coach is one of the best decisions you can make in business.

But more than just managing your finances, he talks about how maintaining your mindset is just as important when thinking about money and making business decisions.

Catch all that and more on this episode of the Profit First Podcast!

Key Takeaways:

[0:49] Steve Rozenberg and His History
[5:52] Why Get a Business Coach
[9:48] Learning the Importance of Knowing Your Numbers
[13:07] On His Money Struggles
[19:45] Including the Spouses in the Business
[21:47] Implementing Profit First Into the Business
[28:50] On Action Being the Key to Success


[7:26] “We go to see this business coach to do a diagnostic, and we are going to walk out of here with a silver bullet.”
[10:39] “You grow exponentially, your gap gets bigger. At some point, you cannot fill that gap.”
[12:39] “The numbers are telling you a story, and we had no idea what that story was until we started becoming masters at reading that language.”
[16:28] “I think every business has money [struggles], but I think the mindset is what causes people to look at it differently.”
[17:46] “You can never shrink to profitability. You can never take a company and keep cutting expenses without growing the company.”


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