Stop Trading Your Time for Money: A Profit First Journey With Nick Perry

Our guest for this episode started investing in real estate around eight years ago with little knowledge on his hands. 11 months and 104 failed deals later, he finally landed his first paycheck. What made him successful is that he stayed away from the safe route, applied a systematic investing approach, and followed his mentors who showed him the way to accumulating wealth and success. You may be thinking that real estate investing is hard. But once you crack the code, you’ll eventually realize how simple it is. If he can do it, so can you!

Today, let’s take a deep dive into how to scale a seven-figure business using Nick Perry’s systems and processes. Learn the hacks and tricks of real estate investing by clicking on that play button!

Key Takeaways:

[1:39] How did he get into real estate investing and where is he on his journey today?

[4:08] What is he doing right now in real estate and how does he help other people?

[10:39] How does he make sure to prioritize profit and pay himself first?

[15:17] Are they using KPIs to make sure that they’re on track?

[17:54] Nick’s real estate advice to the listeners

Quotable Quotes:

[7:26] “Your business is never going to outgrow you.”

[11:01] “When you pay yourself first, that’s what’s going to allow you to go out and create.”


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