Strategies for Success: Lessons Learned from Jeremy Beland’s 400+ Real Estate Deals

“You need to continue to get better because the market changes, people change, and all that stuff.”

In this episode of Profit First for REI Podcast, we have Jeremy Beland. He is a real estate investor and a client of Simple CFO, who has acquired 400+ off-market properties since 2017.

Listen as he talks about how he got into real estate, what kept him in real estate, achieving REI freedom, and getting the right people in place. Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:58] Introducing Jeremy Beland
[02:29] How he got into real estate
[07:10] Importance of self-development and education
[11:32] Jeremy starts wholesaling
[13:01] Helping other people through REI freedom
[19:20] Life look like before Profit First
[25:07] Time is more valuable than money
[29:03] Connect with Jeremy Beland


[06:44] “It wasn't easy. I made a lot of mistakes, but I knew it was the way to go because I've wanted to be in control of my own destiny.”
[21:43] “As you grow, you got to build the team… hustling is just a season.”
[25:07] “There's nothing more valuable than time.”

Connect with Jeremy:


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