Ten Years, Countless Deals: Anthony Coffey on the Frontlines of Real Estate Innovation

“I want to talk. I love doing deals and real estate as the vehicle. I love creating value and solving problems.”

We have Anthony Coffey for this week's episode of Profit First for the REI podcast. He had a lot of great insights from being in the real estate world for over ten years.

In this episode, he shared tips on how he built his business and what it takes for him to be successful in the real estate game.

Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Introducing Anthony Coffey
[02:43] Burning the boat to real estate
[07:35] Hardest thing he encountered in real estate
[11:19] Before and after Profit First
[18:00] Know, Like, and Trust
[26:00] His advice for first-time investors
[27:44] Connect with Anthony Coffey


[07:47] “Managing the people is by far the hardest… you just never know how another person is thinking or feeling.”
[11:55] “Managing the debt is like a game in general.”
[18:02] “They have to know you, like you, and trust you.”

Connect with Anthony:

Website: anthonycoffey@mail.com

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