The Hardest Lesson Learned with Justin Donald

Time is without a doubt one of our most important resources, but how we spend it often doesn’t get the consideration it deserves. Time is a finite asset we pull from for every single activity we do in our lives, from lifestyle to work, and like any resource, we should be smart about how we invest it.

Our guest today is an expert on the subject. Justin Donald is the author of The Lifestyle Investor, a book all about finding balance between work and personal time, and investing with an emphasis on achieving the lifestyle you want.

His entire philosophy on putting lifestyle first has a fantastic intersection with the Profit First method’s focus on making sure that the owner-investor gets their share. Tune in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:43] Justin Donald

[02:29] The First Commandment: Lifestyle First

[06:35] Why People Live With the Intentionality of Putting Themselves First

[10:17] On the Money Struggles Justin Has Experienced

[14:22] On the Lion Logo on His Book

[18:06] Money Mindset to Pass on to His Children 

[22:00] Justin Donald’s Keys to Success

[28:08] The Hardest Lesson Justin Has Learned

[30:36] How Listeners Can Provide Value Back to Justin


[03:36] “For me, the whole purpose of life is to be in control of your time, to be a time billionaire, to really buy your time back and spend it in a way that you see fit.”

[13:33] “You're just a mindset shift away from this abundant place, this opportunity of never running out and having more than you can ever use.”

[26:12] “The more you hang out with people that are bigger thinkers, you're just naturally going to become a bigger thinker.”

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