The Human Side of Business: Tough Decisions and Leadership with Steve Trang

“Sales is not just about making the money. It's also about how you make everyday relationships better in your life.”

In this episode of Profit First for REI podcast, we have Steve Trang, a sales coach who helped hundreds of clients generate millions in sales over the past few years.

If you want to close more deals, make more sales, and apply the principles to your family and friends, it is the best podcast for you!

Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:49] Introducing Steve Trang
[04:31] The toughest decisions
[09:31] Sales at Home (Mirroring and Labeling)
[17:01] How is it important for an owner to know sales?
[22:11] Steve's book recommendations
[24:12] What makes Steve different from other trainers?
[34:03] Getting into the sales world
[38:18] Connect with Steve Trang


[04:32] “Systems is pretty easy… vendor relations, that was harder but the most difficult are always people.”
[11:10] “Asking 'what' and 'how' questions, we create a psychological safety where they can speak freely. When asked 'why' questions, they get defensive and shut down.”
[24:19] “People don't buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

Connect with Steve:


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