The Power of Verbs Over Nouns: A Fresh Approach to Money Management

“I love verbs more than nouns when it comes to money. I don't care what you call my money.”

For today's episode, we have Mark Willis. He is a certified financial planner and a real estate investor who works with people from 50 states and around the world to help them build real wealth outside of Wall Street.

In this episode, he talks about the more efficient way to manage your money and how to build wealth in ways that you can control and understand. Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:44] Introducing Mark Willis
[05:45] Bank on Yourself
[07:47] Building up contractual wealth
[09:56] What is banking?
[11:55] T.G.I.F.
[15:38] Averages mean nothing
[20:57] Disgust in marketing
[23:51] Integrating the Bank on Yourself system into Profit First approach
[33:26] Connect with Mark Willis


[08:08] “Owning a property is the same as owning a policy in that they are both founded on the civilization technology known as the contract.”
[09:52] “It is the most profitable enterprise in all of human history is banking.”
[21:30] “It's impossible to convince someone of something when their salary is dependent on them not being convinced.”

Connect with Mark:


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