The Profit First REI Podcast How Important Are Lender Relationships with Jay Conner

Do you know how private lending works? Today, I have the pleasure of hosting a private lending guru, Jay Connor. He’s been buying and selling houses for 14 years in a population of only 40,000, with profits averaging 64,000, rehabbed over 300 houses been involved in over $52 million in transactions. Past seven years, Jay has completely automated his seven-figure income business to where he works in his business less than 10 hours per week.

 He’s consulted one on one with over 2000 real estate investors who raised 2.1 million in less than 90 days in private money. He’s a commercial developer, national speaker on the topics of private money, automation, and foreclosures. Also, he is the bestselling author of the new Master of Real Estate getting deals done in the new economy, leading expert on private lending, marketing, and business development.

In this episode, Connor will be helping us understand private lending. He will tell us how he got his first private lender, mistakes to avoid, and share some private lending tips.

Listen in and learn.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:59] How Connor got into the real estate world

[05:00] How Connor secured his first private lender

[16:05] Mistakes people make when entering private lending

[20:59] Private lending tips

Quotable Quotes:

“My definition of coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.”

“When you’re using private money, obviously, you’re going to have to be buying properties, at a discount.”

“If you don’t tell people about your private lending program, you are doing them a huge disservice by not letting them know this vehicle where they can make a lot of money safely and securely.”

“The easiest time to raise private money is when you don’t need it.”

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